Hello everyone! In this first post I just want to introduce myself to anyone who might not know me and explain my motives behind starting a blog. My name is Savannah Pfister. I was born and raised in Arkansas. I have been bred to love everything about the hot humid south. In my own plans, I would live there forever and would have seen my family everyday, but God had other plans. When I was 20, He sent me to the cold dry Rocky Mountains of Colorado! I could not see why he would have me move there. I had one Aunt and two little cousins that lived there, but other than that, I knew NO ONE. Talk about an adjustment. On my second day of being in Colorado, two fellas from church came to help me move in. A father (Bro. Larry) and son (Brett). Brett became my best friend and we spent every day together. Almost exactly two years later we were married. Today we have been married 7 months. I love him more than I could have imagined and I would not have changed anything about our story. However, my family was my life and I miss them daily. So reason #1: I want share my life with Momma.

As you have probably gathered, I am a Christian. I am nothing without Him, and I owe my wonderfully happy life to Him. I TRY to put God first everyday, Brett and family second, my hobbies somehow creep in third, and my responsibilities fourth.

To explain my others reasons for this blog, I have to explain my husband. Brett is a graphic designer who works at a photography gallery and has his own design business on the side. Therefore, due to his hard work, I get to be a stay at home wife. He supports me in every one of my endeavors and sometime is even more excited then me about them! I really want to learn photography and Photoshop so he is teaching me. Reason #2: To get regular practice at both. 

Because of his hobbies/business, he is recording every waking moment we have together. Though it took some getting used to, I love it now! We can always look back at every stage of our life together. But when he goes to work the documentation stops. Reason #3: To keep record of all my projects around the house. 

I don't ever plan on doing a project, but somehow, something in my day will trigger a thought and next thing I know, my husband is home and I am showing him what kept me from laundry. Here are a few examples.

1) I found a butterfly in my yard and this is what I made that day.
(I caught all of these while my Momma would worked in the garden.)

2) I was wanting some curtain rods but didn't want to spend any money.
So for $1.97 I made these. They came from the river behind our house.

3) I was looking for a handmade gift idea for a bridal shower but found baby 
shower gifts instead. I have so many stuffed animal ideas I will never run out.
This was Brett's favorite and I really wanted to make one so meet Abigail. Brett 
named her and she is our daughter. Don't worry, this is not the look i am going for 
for other people. She is just for us.                                                                     
So this will be a glimpse into my life and I hope you enjoy it.

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