Our snowball bush has bloomed! I love fresh flowers in the house!

Highlight In My Day

My husband found about 100 swallows nests. All the birds flew out at once and it was spectacular. I just had to get some pictures of the mud nests.

Geocaching Fun

Had a blast with great friends on the weekend. We went to the farmers market first, then had an alligator po-boy for lunch, then took off for a day of geocaching. We went to several parks and even stopped off for a tasty treat at Russell Stover's. We rode our bikes all over town, a total of 12 miles today. Perfect day!

Yummy Breakfast

My delicious breakfast! I know the strawberry looks better but I can guarantee you that the apple peanut butter is by far the best. I have this every morning.

Asparagus Pickin

I know this sounds crazy but asparagus grows wild along the ditches where I live. We went and picked our dinner. I love this time of the year.

New Treat

Peanut butter, chocolate, honey on a fried tortilla. Enough said.


I have really been loving birds lately. Watching them, listening to them, observing there habits, photographing them. I could spend all day walking around outside. 

I started a photo journal for them and Brett made the cover for me. Isn't it beautiful? The wing is from a  Hans Hoffmann piece.

A lovely European Starling nest I found in a hollow tree in my yard.

A few photos I took of  House Sparrows and European Starlings around the yard.

Spring Is In The Air

Our apple trees are finally blooming. 

Crazy Hat Party

Rope Swing

My darling husband is usually very good with heights, bouncing from limb to limb. However, this time he had to go incredibly high to hang our rope swing. He was not happy.

Watermelon Fish

The fish I made for a little party we went to.