Yay For Shirts That Fit

I have decided that I am going to try to bring a new look into style. Clothes that fit! You know I hate shopping so I never buy new clothes. My mother and grandmother send me clothes that they know I will love, but other than that, most of my clothes date back to high school. Every time I put on something from my closet I feel so exposed and uncomfortable. Nobody else thinks my clothes look tight, but I feel disgusting. I know that it is in style to wear very fitting clothes but you do not need to see my every curve. Therefore, I went to town to buy some shirts that do not hug my tummy zone no matter what size the tag says. 
Announcement: I just went up two sizes and it feels great!

New Traditions

Well I thought of the perfect Christmas present for my husband. He had a movie that he recorded off of the TV onto VHS when he was little. This tape was a prized possession to him. He watched it a million times. I now realize that he based his whole childhood off this move which now transfers to today. (The fact that he still fights with padded swords is just one correlation.) Anyways, he thought he would put the movie somewhere very safe, so safe in fact, he now cant find it himself. He was very upset because he has been unable to find this movie to buy in the past. Well I found it! And for only $5. It came in last week and I could not wait until Christmas to give it to him. I also had 3 minutes before he came home to wrap it. All I had was newspaper, so I improvised. He loved the wrapping so much that he wants it to be a tradition from now on. First Family Tradition: We will wrap our Christmas gifts for each other in newspaper.  LOVE IT! (I feel like breaking out in a song from Fiddler on the Roof. TRADITION!)


Well. if you remember my last post, I had a very busy day. I made my way through most of my list very successfully. I started the jalapenos around 3:00. I thought I was being so careful. I cut them under water so I would not breath any in like last time. I finished them all up and started painting the house. My hands then began to burn horribly. I finished painting and cooked dinner, but the pain was so intense. I ate dinner with my hands in cold water, and that worked but I still needed to do the bills. Brett and Larry suggested vinegar or bleach. I tried vinegar. Nothing. I tried bleach which began to chemically react with something and heated up my hands temperature wise in a second. So it was burning in two ways now. Brett helped me wash that off as quick as possible. So I just covered my hands in soap and Brett helped me finish the bills. Oh did I mention that when they would burn the worst my eyes and mouth would water. Weird right? So 10:00 we decide to go to bed (that means my hands have been on fire for 7 hours). I got a cold wash cloth and covered my hands and somehow fell asleep. 

Yesterday and today my hands have been peeling like crazy. I think I will wear gloves next time. But don't they look delicious? They were wonderful.

Busy Day

My 'To Do List' for today:
1. Organize our finances. (I'm three weeks behind)
2. Go to Brett's work to get all receipts from his wallet for #1.
3. While in town, I should probably stop in salvation army.
4. Go pick jalapenos at Larry's for dinner. (Cream cheese, bacon, and colby/monterey jack stuffed jalapenos)
5. Can AGAIN! (Third time in two weeks)
6. Try to finish the book of Lamentations. (I am not even halfway through.)
7. Start painting the outside of our house.
8. Finish this blog post.
I would love to get all this done but time is not on my side. 

Oh, and did I mention that I love this man.

 I am so thankful that God saw fit for me to spend the rest of my life with him. I just hope it's a long one!

Main Street

Yesterday, Brett and I went to town to do my most hated thing ever. We did our weekly shopping. I HATE SHOPPING! This week was extra special because when we got to the register, Brett realized that he did not have his wallet. We had to explain our predicament, leave our buggy at the front of the store (with milk and raw chicken in it), go home, get our money, and return. Oh how I despise shopping in every way.

We did get to have some fun before all of that though. Brett has just as many projects as I do and one of them required a video that was shot in an odd location. We got permission to shoot on the roof top of a main street building. It was such a peculiar and kind of mysterious place. I loved it up there and it was perfect for what he needed. So while he pretended to role around in pain with a camera strapped to his forehead, I took pictures.


Here is something that few know. I don't eat breakfast food, unless it is at dinner. And I eat dinner for breakfast. This is what I had today and it was delicious!

A Week for Firsts

I have seen Momma and Granny can tomatoes multiple times in my life. So I thought, why not. I LOVE to eat them, therefore I will give it a try. Isn't it a rite of passage for a wife anyway? Well, now I have to.

I also want to mention that these tomatoes are coming from our very own garden. My mother helped me decide how many of each veggie I should buy. I guess I forgot that though she only had two children and a husband to cook for, she would always cook enough for forty. This attribute is also reflected in her massive gardens. My husband and I now have 16 tomato plants, 16 pepper plants, 50 strawberries, 13 raspberries, 2 squash, and 2 blueberries. Needless to say, we have more tomatoes then we know what to do with.

Back to the canning. We had a few of the young people from our church over to our house to play games while I canned. Everything went surprisingly well. It was much messier than I remembered but very easy. I cant help but just look at those jars and feel so accomplished and grown up. I've done it!  I am now a Susie Homemaker.

I even did a photo shoot with them for my first photography lesson.
(I apologize for the PJ's. It was burning up in the house)

Well today it all came crashing down. I heard the first one POP. They are unsealing! Now I am rehearsing in my head everything that I might have done wrong. Is it the altitude? Did I screw the lids on too tight? Was the water not high enough in the water bath? Were my tomatoes bad? I have done lots of research and I think it has to do with our hard water. It left a thin powder on the wax lids when I was heating them. After everything I've read and since I just put them up last night. I reprocessed them today. We will just have to wait and see what happens.


Hello everyone! In this first post I just want to introduce myself to anyone who might not know me and explain my motives behind starting a blog. My name is Savannah Pfister. I was born and raised in Arkansas. I have been bred to love everything about the hot humid south. In my own plans, I would live there forever and would have seen my family everyday, but God had other plans. When I was 20, He sent me to the cold dry Rocky Mountains of Colorado! I could not see why he would have me move there. I had one Aunt and two little cousins that lived there, but other than that, I knew NO ONE. Talk about an adjustment. On my second day of being in Colorado, two fellas from church came to help me move in. A father (Bro. Larry) and son (Brett). Brett became my best friend and we spent every day together. Almost exactly two years later we were married. Today we have been married 7 months. I love him more than I could have imagined and I would not have changed anything about our story. However, my family was my life and I miss them daily. So reason #1: I want share my life with Momma.

As you have probably gathered, I am a Christian. I am nothing without Him, and I owe my wonderfully happy life to Him. I TRY to put God first everyday, Brett and family second, my hobbies somehow creep in third, and my responsibilities fourth.

To explain my others reasons for this blog, I have to explain my husband. Brett is a graphic designer who works at a photography gallery and has his own design business on the side. Therefore, due to his hard work, I get to be a stay at home wife. He supports me in every one of my endeavors and sometime is even more excited then me about them! I really want to learn photography and Photoshop so he is teaching me. Reason #2: To get regular practice at both. 

Because of his hobbies/business, he is recording every waking moment we have together. Though it took some getting used to, I love it now! We can always look back at every stage of our life together. But when he goes to work the documentation stops. Reason #3: To keep record of all my projects around the house. 

I don't ever plan on doing a project, but somehow, something in my day will trigger a thought and next thing I know, my husband is home and I am showing him what kept me from laundry. Here are a few examples.

1) I found a butterfly in my yard and this is what I made that day.
(I caught all of these while my Momma would worked in the garden.)

2) I was wanting some curtain rods but didn't want to spend any money.
So for $1.97 I made these. They came from the river behind our house.

3) I was looking for a handmade gift idea for a bridal shower but found baby 
shower gifts instead. I have so many stuffed animal ideas I will never run out.
This was Brett's favorite and I really wanted to make one so meet Abigail. Brett 
named her and she is our daughter. Don't worry, this is not the look i am going for 
for other people. She is just for us.                                                                     
So this will be a glimpse into my life and I hope you enjoy it.