Brett and I went camping Monday night. Just a quick trip before it got too cold. We did not go too far from home as you can see, its the Adobes. That's only about 15 minutes away. I love Colorado!

I am pretty sure I thought that I was starving to death and the wind was not letting us start a fire. My husband was finally able make a great fire and I cooked my charcoal filled Ramen Noodles. Yum.

He was smart and just cooked soup in a can.

After we had full bellies, we played around with the camera. We did this with our flashlight and set the camera to a really long shutter.

Our view.

We broke in our new dominoes.


A big bird nest Brett found.

Lichen. (Pronounced liken.)

I'm 'lichen' this one too.

We hiked around for a little bit and stumbled upon this. (You can see our car in the background.)

This is Brett's dream home. I think we are moving in.

Brett really wants to believe that it is Indian ruins. I however, think it looks much newer than that. It did not stop him from looking for arrowheads.

He did find a lot of flint.

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