Raindrops on a Tin Roof

I know that this may not look like much to you but it looks glorious to me. The roof of our porch had so many holes in it, we might as well have not had a roof at all. We could not leave anything out there or it would be ruined after a rain. Or our shoes would get wet and freeze at night. The water would just gather in big puddles that would take forever to dry. It was awful. But this is no longer a problem for us. My husband and father-in-law recovered it with recycled tin from our church. It looks stupendous! I cant wait to sit out on my porch and enjoy the next rain.


  1. It really looks amazing! Two thumbs up to your husband and father-in-law! Good thing you discovered the problem immediately. I hope you managed to fix it before the rainy season, because it would cause you a lot of problems if that wasn’t the case. I also hope you’re having a great time in your porch while enjoying the view. ;)

    Noreen Saint

  2. A job well done for your husband and your father in law! Good thing they were able to fix it or else it would’ve done a lot of damage on your porch.

  3. Though you stated that they used the recovered tin to fix your roof, I can see that it’s still very nice. It’s nice that you solved the roof problem at once, or else you’ve got greater problems to face when the stuff at your porch is damaged by the dripping water.

    ~ Rolf Matchen ~