Tubing, Frisbee Golf, and S'mores

Yesterday was a blast! After church, a few of us went tubing. We live in Colorado so the water was FREEZING. We were so numb that we could not tell how many injuries we had, only that we had hit several rocks and were scratched by the brush. It was quite scary floating down the river so fast. At one point, Brett and I hit a log and it tipped us over. My first thought was "I don't want my hair to get wet" but I quickly realized, that was the least of my concerns. The water was so swift and the force of it had me pinned under. I finally found something to stand on to get my head above the surface. But I saw that Brett's face was smashed against the log we hit and he was still under water. I must say I felt absolutely terrified. I screamed out his name and started to pull him up but he was able to get himself up. The whole thing probably lasted only 30 seconds and then we were back out on our tube. We had so much fun!

Afterwards, we went back to to my father-in-laws house to play some frisbee golf, eat BLT's and s'mores, and have good conversation. It was a great day.

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