Widows Dinner

At church , we have a dinner for the widows and widowers for Christmas. It is put on by our young people and the young married couples. We have it restaurant style. The youth kids were the waiters, taking their orders and bringing them whatever they needed while the rest of us made their plates. It was followed by caroling. I love being around these people. I take away wonderful memories every time. (Sorry I don't have better pictures. I snapped just a few when people were coming in then got too busy and forgot.)


  1. What a wonderful idea and a great thing to do for all those people who have lost a spouse and are lonely, especially at Christmas time. I know it must make as many memories for those who paticipated as for those who were invited. Hope you had a very blessed Christmas!
    Love, Jane

  2. Thank you. Yes, we all love spending that one on one time with our elderly. I does make for some wonderful memories.