A Relationship Log

 I stumbled on something that made me love my husband even more. Brett kept a log of our relationship when we were dating. Some of the entries made me laugh some made me cry. I am so very blessed that God put him in my life!

October 25, 2009 - "Officially" Going Out

First Kiss - Thanksgiving 2009

First accidental "I love you" - December 4th 2009 while wrapping gifts. I was trying to mess her up when she was perfectly wrapping a gift. I acted like I wanted a hug to try to bump her hands and make her rip the paper. I said, "I just love you so much!" in a little kid voice...then realized what I said. I sat quietly hoping no one heard. I was in luck. No one did.

Savannah's Ring Size - 6  (So only after 2 months he logged my ring size!)

1-24-10 Savannah tells me she loves me
2-4-10 First "Official" Date at Smugglers celebrating 1 year of Savannah in my life
4-20-10 First I love you while riding my dirt bike in the dark with flashlights strapped on. (He would freak     out and take it back a few times.)
6-14-10 3rd Official "I Love You" start date. This one will probably stick.
6-24-10 Last night I dreamed that I got a prophecy. All I remember it saying was, "it is my will that you take this one by your side as your companion." Savannah was by my side.

I attacked Savannah saying, "Isabella, Isabella" (from Lost). While she pushes me away we fall to the floor. While laughing I accidentally drooled barely missing her face. In the extreme laughter of the moment, I couldn't suppress the flatulent sensation approaching. As I let out the bellow of a toot, I thought Savannah was going to laugh to death. Our first toot July 8, 2010.

8-3-10 I have a new job with Deeply Digital and Savannah is now living with Waco and Janaun. Both situations made us completely change our lifestyle. This change has caused me to realize what is important in my life. Pretty much 2 things. God and Savannah. For the first time ever, I actually felt like saying "I love you" wasn't enough. I really want to show her with my life how much I love her. I really want her, to be a part of my life.

8-4-10 We are engaged to be engaged
9-4-10 Bought Engagement Ring

9-12-10 We got our Marriage prophecy

9-22-10 I purposed

12-10-10 Savannah left for Arkansas for 6 weeks until wedding

1-22-11 MARRIED!!!!

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