Main Street

Yesterday, Brett and I went to town to do my most hated thing ever. We did our weekly shopping. I HATE SHOPPING! This week was extra special because when we got to the register, Brett realized that he did not have his wallet. We had to explain our predicament, leave our buggy at the front of the store (with milk and raw chicken in it), go home, get our money, and return. Oh how I despise shopping in every way.

We did get to have some fun before all of that though. Brett has just as many projects as I do and one of them required a video that was shot in an odd location. We got permission to shoot on the roof top of a main street building. It was such a peculiar and kind of mysterious place. I loved it up there and it was perfect for what he needed. So while he pretended to role around in pain with a camera strapped to his forehead, I took pictures.

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