New Traditions

Well I thought of the perfect Christmas present for my husband. He had a movie that he recorded off of the TV onto VHS when he was little. This tape was a prized possession to him. He watched it a million times. I now realize that he based his whole childhood off this move which now transfers to today. (The fact that he still fights with padded swords is just one correlation.) Anyways, he thought he would put the movie somewhere very safe, so safe in fact, he now cant find it himself. He was very upset because he has been unable to find this movie to buy in the past. Well I found it! And for only $5. It came in last week and I could not wait until Christmas to give it to him. I also had 3 minutes before he came home to wrap it. All I had was newspaper, so I improvised. He loved the wrapping so much that he wants it to be a tradition from now on. First Family Tradition: We will wrap our Christmas gifts for each other in newspaper.  LOVE IT! (I feel like breaking out in a song from Fiddler on the Roof. TRADITION!)

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