Yay For Shirts That Fit

I have decided that I am going to try to bring a new look into style. Clothes that fit! You know I hate shopping so I never buy new clothes. My mother and grandmother send me clothes that they know I will love, but other than that, most of my clothes date back to high school. Every time I put on something from my closet I feel so exposed and uncomfortable. Nobody else thinks my clothes look tight, but I feel disgusting. I know that it is in style to wear very fitting clothes but you do not need to see my every curve. Therefore, I went to town to buy some shirts that do not hug my tummy zone no matter what size the tag says. 
Announcement: I just went up two sizes and it feels great!


  1. Well I think you look great!!! I love this new trend even if I have to wear your dad's clothes.

  2. Thanks Mum. I wear Brett's, Spencer's and Dakota's shirts all the time.