Well. if you remember my last post, I had a very busy day. I made my way through most of my list very successfully. I started the jalapenos around 3:00. I thought I was being so careful. I cut them under water so I would not breath any in like last time. I finished them all up and started painting the house. My hands then began to burn horribly. I finished painting and cooked dinner, but the pain was so intense. I ate dinner with my hands in cold water, and that worked but I still needed to do the bills. Brett and Larry suggested vinegar or bleach. I tried vinegar. Nothing. I tried bleach which began to chemically react with something and heated up my hands temperature wise in a second. So it was burning in two ways now. Brett helped me wash that off as quick as possible. So I just covered my hands in soap and Brett helped me finish the bills. Oh did I mention that when they would burn the worst my eyes and mouth would water. Weird right? So 10:00 we decide to go to bed (that means my hands have been on fire for 7 hours). I got a cold wash cloth and covered my hands and somehow fell asleep. 

Yesterday and today my hands have been peeling like crazy. I think I will wear gloves next time. But don't they look delicious? They were wonderful.

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