Buckhorn 2013

I really had been wanting to make a video this summer and our Buckhorn camping trip was absolutely perfect for my first attempt. Brett (my husband) has always made videos of his life so he helped me a ton throughout every stage. Thank you Honey, and thank you to all of my friends for such an amazing weekend! I'm sorry this took so stinkin long to finish and I hope you enjoy it.

Presents For The Family

The gifts I made for the family.

Best Salad Ever!

I love this salad from City Market with tabouli, fried jalapenos, and chickpeas.

Wedding Book

We are coming up on our three year anniversary and have just now finished our photo album. It is sad how long this took us but better late than never. I cant wait to get it in the mail!

First Big Snow Of The Year

It started to snow this morning and just wont stop.

Orange Vinegar

I like to clean with vinegar a lot but my husband HATES the smell so I found a solution. On Pinterest I saw that you can soak your orange peels in vinegar for 2 weeks and then it smells much better. It worked great and I will be continuing this for the future.

Smoked Salts

Brett and I went to a hobby fair. There was a man selling smoked salts. We were definitely not leaving without buying some. They all smelled so good therefore it was hard to choose but we went with Bourbon Bacon and Truffle & Mushroom. They were even wax sealed! Love them!