Widows Dinner

At church , we have a dinner for the widows and widowers for Christmas. It is put on by our young people and the young married couples. We have it restaurant style. The youth kids were the waiters, taking their orders and bringing them whatever they needed while the rest of us made their plates. It was followed by caroling. I love being around these people. I take away wonderful memories every time. (Sorry I don't have better pictures. I snapped just a few when people were coming in then got too busy and forgot.)

Little Brother

Happy 22nd Birthday Spencer! I am very thankful you are not sick anymore and I hope you have a great birthday.


I use newspaper to wrap my presents and paint samples for tags. It works for us.

The one Brett wrapped cracks me up. It says, "To Savannah: From This Guy" with an arrow pointing to the guy on the news paper.

Bad News

Well Mr. Feeny did not last long at all. He would not eat from the moment I got him and he had no energy. I did lots of research on how to get him healthy again but it was not quick enough. I have decided that Wal-mart does not care much for their fish. Now that I know what I am looking for, I went back to get another one. There was only about 10 or less to choose from, but they all seemed sick. So no more Betta for me. I don't want to buy another dead fish.

Tree Topper

I wanted to make a tree topper but I didn't want to throw together something ugly. I decided the only thing I could do that would look nice but be little to no cost was origami. I looked online until I found a pattern that I thought would work. I did not have pretty paper so I painted some white paper with acrylic paint. I adjusted the paper dimensions so the star would be big enough, then started folding. The first attempt did not go very well but the second one was perfect. I filled it with Christmas lights and my tree was complete.

Homemade Ornaments

 For my tree this year, I have made a few ornaments. Some I love, some are just experimental. 

For the first two, I just dipped rick-rack and string into modge podge and rapped it around balloons. 

My favorite!!!!

Mason Jar

Today is another Project Pinterest. There has been several wonderful projects with blue Mason jars and I plan on doing a bunch of them. However, today I have chosen the soap dispenser. It was very easy. The lid to the jar I bought already had a hole in it, but not large enough to put the pump in it. I took some tin snips and cut little slits around the opening. I slowly forced the pump in, careful not to make the hole too big. Voila! The pump I used is from my shower gel. It is metal but I want it to have the same patina as the lid. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

My New Pet

I got a Betta fish! It is winter now and I wanted some life in this house. I think he is very beautiful. 
I give you Mr. Feeny.

In Loving Memory

Today was the funeral of Donald Barnes, my Gramps, and I was not able to be there. I just thought that the least I could do was tell everyone that we lost a very wonderful man. He was an excellent example of living the faith. I hope to walk as close to the Lord in my life as he did. I never saw his faith waver. He was going strong till the end. He also showed due benevolence to Granny in a way that I always want to show to Brett. He was a great example and I will miss him.

Fire It Up

I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it. It is waterproof and just an interesting way to store your matches. The one on Pinterest used sandpaper for the top but that did not work for me. I cut the strike pad off the original box and glued them together for my lid.