Plastic Spoon Mirror

I have been wanting to make a spoon mirror for some time now so I thought I would have a few practice tries. I have two cousins that are having birthday so I am making mini versions. I was also hoping to play around with a gradient from dark to light with fun bright colors. However, they both wanted black. I tried to lighten the black with each layer but it just looks black. I will be doing two more soon, so maybe I will have some other colors to show you.

For this mirror I bought a box of 100 spoons for $2.68.

I cut the handles off.

I rounded the cut ends with a sander for the spoons that will be in the first row only.

Cut out the back, which I will be gluing everything to.

I quickly sprayed a plastic primer on, but I don't think it did anything for the spoons. I am going to skip this next time.

I primed the back as well.

I hand painted the spoons, adding a little more white to each layer.

 I forgot to take a picture of the spoons after I put on the clear coat. I will tell you, the clear coat will make the color you picked 10 times darker. As you can see from the two pictures above. So keep that in mind when you choose your color. Next, I glued my $1 mirror to the middle of my backing, then hot glued the smooth spoons on first around the mirror. For the next layer, I glued the spoons in between the spoons from the first layer. Just continue this to the edge.

For $3.68, I think it looks amazing. I cant wait to make one for myself.


  1. Love it, love it, love it. So clever. Lola


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