Living Room Decor

I am not even close to finishing the remodel of our house so I definitely don't have any money to decorate yet. My solution was to digitally decorate the house just to curb my need to have this place finished. I am not that good in Photoshop but you can get the ideas. What do you think?

The Wedding

The big day finally arrived. Our friends got married this weekend. My bother, sister-in-law, husband, and I were all in the wedding. This is the first wedding I have been in other than my own and boy has it been a crazy month. They are a lovely couple and I have just a few of the photos to share.

Color Sunday

Here where I live there is a very very short Fall. If you want to see it's beauty you have to act quickly. I had been looking forward to it for a while, it being one of my favorite seasons. It just so happened, on Color Sunday, I pinched a nerve in my back and could hardly move. My very kind and loving husband knew that I was sad about missing it so he fixed up the car for me. Blankets, pillows, heating pad plugged in, water, he had it all. It was an uncomfortable ride but so worth it, wouldn't you say? His photos are just amazing.

Apple Canning

I have been canning like crazy! It is hard, exhausting work but I feel so accomplished after it is all done. This time around I canned applesauce, apple butter, apple juice, apple syrup, apple pie filling, I dehydrated the peels I didn't need and ground them into apple spice, and 15 more pints of salsa. I could stare at the full jars all day!

Photo Booth

Our friends had a photo booth at their wedding. We all had a blast!