Real Foods

Brett and I have decided to try and only eat real foods. What are real foods, you ask?

This morning I got up and started cooking. This diet will require much more cooking from scratch but it will be worth it in the long run. Today, I made whole wheat bread and pimento cheese spread for lunch and whole wheat pizza pockets with marinara dipping sauce.

Rose Garden

There is a rose garden on our property that is completely overgrown. I have not had any time to tend to it or even water it yet. Maybe next year. However, it is still producing such beauty.  

Night Hiking

Met up with friends in the middle of the night to do a little night hiking. The moon was so bright we didn't even need flashlights. And of course I blinked in every photo. We tried several times but the flash was too bright.

Escalante Canyon

We went to the Potholes in Escalante Canyon for Katie's birthday. We ate steak and sweet potatoes under the stars, woke the next morning to swim in freezing water, hiking in the afternoon, and finished it all up with listening to old records. All in all, a perfect weekend. Happy Birthday Katie!

The Water Slide

We have an irrigation canal that is the perfect water slide. It is out in the middle of nowhere. We take our snow sleds out and have a good time.

 And all those at the bottom of the slide create a human dam so that when someone slides down the water pressure shoots them off the ledge.

And it must always end with a mud fight.

Pretty Little Weeds

Two flowers from my front yard that I put in an egg shell and then some pretty weeds from my back yard that I put in a mason jar. I have not planted anything at this house myself yet so it is fun to see what pops up from previous owners.