So Much Corn!

We shucked, boiled, cut, and froze 300 ears of corn.

Good Eats

Another great dinner with real food recipes. Philly Cheese Stake made with deer steak, homemade bread, and new potatoes.

More Drywall

We are so sick of cleaning up drywall dust after remodeling so I came up with the idea to seal off the opening to this closet while my poor husband sanded inside. But it worked wonderfully! 

Vintage Dew

I am glad that things are slowing down around here because my best friend is getting married. Brett and I are both in it and I am happy as can be for them. They are going to have the most BEAUTIFUL vintage wedding on earth! I have been playing around with some hair styles for it and think I have found the one. You will have to wait for the final look until after the wedding.

(Left) Katie the bride, Me, and (Right) Jessica my sister-in-law. We were helping her buy The Dress.

Geocaching Fun

My first Travel Bug. I cant wait to see where it goes!

Crazy Summer Part 8

The last bit of family I had left in Arkansas made a trip out to Colorado as well. I am happy that I was able to see all my grandparents this summer.

Crazy Summer Part 7

We were given tickets to the Olathe Sweet Corn Festival. We went just to eat corn and greasy festival food. We enjoyed every bite and the best part is all the corn is free. They roast it and hand it out faster than you can eat it. I bet you would never guess how much was consumed at this little festival in a town of only 1,838 people
Corn- 50,000 ears
Butter - 54 gallons
  Pepper - 25 pounds
Salt - 52 pounds

Crazy Summer Part 6

Well, since our water heater was still not fixed by the time I got home, we stayed with my in-laws. They were very generous to help us, but man was I ready to be in my own bed by this point. Here are some photos of the four of us four wheeling up Engineer Pass. A 20 mile round trip, hot at the bottom and snow at the top, but just the most breath taking views.

Crazy Summer Part 5

After my water heater blew up, I flew off to Arkansas to see my parents. We ate a lot, cooked monkey bread and BBQ pork, I taught her to geocache, she taught me to paint, got covered in chiggers (75 bites) watched remodeling shows for inspiration, had one good hair day, looked at real-estate in CO for them, then had to come home.

Crazy Summer Part 4

The Sunday before I left for Arkansas, the topic at church was prayer. One of my friends had mentioned that he tries to pray about every little decision in life. He even prays about what seat on a plane to choose. I thought I would try to do this and see how it could improve my walk with God. So I had prayed about my seat partner on the plane then actually forgot that I had prayed about it. Until this wonderful man sat next to me on my 3 1/2 hr flight. You see, one of my 3 grandpas passed away since I moved to Colorado and I was unable to go see him while he was sick or even be able to go to his funeral. My brother and I were just talking about how much we hate that we could not say goodbye. Well God knew what I needed more than I did so he sent me Mr. Dan. It was as if I was given 3 1/2 hrs with Gramps. I will not forget Dan or our conversations and I feel truly blessed to have met him.

Crazy Summer Part 3

So I had some family here for eight days. They left on Sunday which gave me two days to get my life and house back in order and pack for my trip. But as luck would have it, my hot water heater blew up! So the day before I flew out, I had to rip everything out. We didn't get it remolded until I got back from Arkansas and it is still not done, but these are the before and afters.

Crazy Summer Part 2

I am so happy my brother and I got to see my Papa again on there trip. I always feel like it might be my last time. I always enjoy being around my grandparents.


Crazy Summer Part 1

Well it has been too long since my last post. I have been a crazy person trying to keep up with everything and everyone. I think I have managed thus far. So I am going to do a series called 'Crazy Summer' to try and fill you in as much as possible. I am just going to be hitting the highlights because it is already the middle of August when I am typing this, so I am too far behind to show it all.  As you have already seen, we watched fireworks on the 4th of July and then left for the camping trip the next day. That lasted 3 days and I still have to edit the video. The day we got home was the day a lot of my family arrived from Arkansas. They were here 8 days and these are just the photos of some of us hiking the Grand Mesa.