Better Late

Mother, I know you wanted to see what all I got for Christmas and this is very late. I am sorry I have not posted in a month. The holidays were very crazy and then I took a brake for two weeks. I'm back now though. 

First, this nice little jacket.

 I love this quirky clock.

Ok, so I'm a closet gamer. This had something to do with my lack of blogging this month. I did beat the game in a few days.

I think this is my favorite gift. It is 216 neodymium ball bearings that I can make into anything.  

Tiny Bible

A replacement for my favorite dress that I lost on a trip.

Sorry the shirt is wrinkled. Brett made this for me. It says in small print, "We will not be held responsible for any dangers that will probably come your way." Inspired by The Office.

This is a book explaining creative ways to build shacks and forts from scrap materials. 

It was a lovely Christmas!

One Year Gifts

Brett got me lovely flowers and made me a three-dimensional card to celebrate our one year. I waited a little late to take pictures of the flowers, so they were beginning to wilt. However, they are still beautiful and look like a living watercolor. The card says, 

'Already a year? Can this really be?
For the girl who I love, Has been married to me

Our life is together, and rarely apart
Away from you, is a void in my heart

I love you this day, until the next life
Savannah, I'm so thankful to call you my wife.'

And I gave him...

Each card has something written on it that I love about my husband.
(Inspired by Pinterest.)

One Year

Today marks the one year anniversary of my marriage to Brett. It has been a very blessed year and I have loved every moment by his side. I, without a doubt, know that God made us specifically for each other. I love him so much and hope we have a long life together.