Now You See It, Now You Don't

I had a very ugly white hot mark on kitchen table. After I did some research I found out it was so simple to remove. All I did was iron it with steam.

Raindrops on a Tin Roof

I know that this may not look like much to you but it looks glorious to me. The roof of our porch had so many holes in it, we might as well have not had a roof at all. We could not leave anything out there or it would be ruined after a rain. Or our shoes would get wet and freeze at night. The water would just gather in big puddles that would take forever to dry. It was awful. But this is no longer a problem for us. My husband and father-in-law recovered it with recycled tin from our church. It looks stupendous! I cant wait to sit out on my porch and enjoy the next rain.

Signs of Fall

Today, my yard is sprinkled with these lovelies.
Oh Fall, how I adore you. 


I have been painting for two whole days and I am only half way done.
I have to finish before it gets too cold outside.

Running Errands

Brett and I went to town to get a few things we needed.

On our way out we saw 5 chickens running around in our neighbors yard.
I have chicken fever. We might have some of our own one day.

Stopped to get Brett some lunch.

Found the weirdest pumpkins ever.

And then we got distracted by all the Halloween mask.

My Coffee

We dont really like coffee in this house, but I do have a drink of indulgence.
Strawberry milk!

Things That Make Me Happy

I had the smoothest and most quiet buggy at Walmart. (Some of you call it a cart.)
I checked out two audio books at the library. (I like to have them playing throughout the day. That way I have entertainment but can still get everything done.)
Brett and I sang the Star Spangled Banner at the top of our lungs followed by Hakuna Matata with the window open. (I'm sure the neighbors heard.)
We had Bible study tonight.
I found my dream rugs. They were $1 each!
This one is now in my bathroom.

This one is my favorite.

It is now in my kitchen.

I am also in love with these little beauties.

I covered Pringles cans in fabric using homemade Mod Podge. I now store my pasta in them.

Photo Shoot

Brett took some quick pictures of me in our beloved tree Sunday.

This one is my favorite.

And just for laughs. My brother and his wife stopped by after church to change clothes so we could play a game of speedball.

I Made Soap

Today I tried a recipe from Pinterest. I made my own laundry soap and it was very easy. The only ingredients are:
1 cup Borax
1 cup Washing Soda
1 bar of Fels-Naptha
2 gallons of Water

First grate the whole bar of Fels-Naptha. 

Add 1 cup Borax and 1 cup Washing Soda.

Add one gallon of water. Heat to melt the soap.

After everything is well mixed add the second gallon of cold water. Then just pour your laundry soap into a container. 

This is just one of my containers. It made two gallons. I have not tried it yet but I look forward to it.


Brett and I went camping Monday night. Just a quick trip before it got too cold. We did not go too far from home as you can see, its the Adobes. That's only about 15 minutes away. I love Colorado!

I am pretty sure I thought that I was starving to death and the wind was not letting us start a fire. My husband was finally able make a great fire and I cooked my charcoal filled Ramen Noodles. Yum.

He was smart and just cooked soup in a can.

After we had full bellies, we played around with the camera. We did this with our flashlight and set the camera to a really long shutter.

Our view.

We broke in our new dominoes.


A big bird nest Brett found.

Lichen. (Pronounced liken.)

I'm 'lichen' this one too.

We hiked around for a little bit and stumbled upon this. (You can see our car in the background.)

This is Brett's dream home. I think we are moving in.

Brett really wants to believe that it is Indian ruins. I however, think it looks much newer than that. It did not stop him from looking for arrowheads.

He did find a lot of flint.

Beautiful Wedding

Our good friends and now neighbors got married this weekend in the wonderful Rocky Mountains. The wedding was so beautiful but I expected nothing less from Haley.
(Sorry the pictures are so grainy. My husband was not able to be there for the ceremony, so he could not help me. I did not know what settings to use for a sunset wedding. I just went with what it was set on, which was bad. I'm still learning.)