New Years Resolution

     I am so sorry that I pretty much took a year off from blogging. Last year, we were trying so hard in the spring to get a house. Tons of paperwork, appointments, inspections, making offers and we lost the bidding on several houses. My life was too hectic and stressful to blog. In June, however, we found a major fixer-upper and got it for next to nothing. We love this house so much! We have also chosen to live here while we remodel. Not the best idea, I admit. This now makes me a full time remodeler. I am just trying to stay one step ahead of the plumbing problems, dying furnace, leaky roof, etc.

     We have lived here for 6 months now. We are getting pretty close to having the house to a comfortable stage. I plan on showing our progress soon. We are nowhere near being done but a few rooms are getting close. So again, I am sorry for the really long break. Part of my New Years Resolution is to start blogging again along with 15 other things.

Also, I want the blog to get back to what it was intended for. I am not going to be doing DIY post anymore. They are very time consuming so I would just keep putting them off. I just want this blog to be my everyday life so my family can see what I am up to in Colorado. I know that I will lose a lot of followers, but this is just how it has to be.