Chair Makeover

Brett and I found this chair in the trash last year. Yesterday I cleaned it up, fixed the wheels, and then recovered it. Looks like new!

Valentines Date

For Valentines Day I built a beautiful blanket fort for Brett and I to have dinner in and watch a movie. We had a wonderful time eating chocolate dipped berries and just enjoying the coziness of the environment.
We loved it so much we just could not get rid of it. The fort is getting moved to our spare room.

Four New Friends

This is what I watched while making dinner the other night. Four new friends having fun in our back yard. None of which belong to us. Though we are getting a goat in the spring.


Remodel Progress

This is a little video I put together to show my progress on our new house. I have been working really hard but I think it is defiantly paying off.


     I know this happened a few weeks ago but I still think it is a fun post. Brett and I invited my In-laws to go sledding with us. I had a blast making snow angles and tunnels, and of course sledding. It was the first time I can remember ever do that. I also thought I was going to be cold but I really wasn't. It was a fun day.