Smoked Salts

Brett and I went to a hobby fair. There was a man selling smoked salts. We were definitely not leaving without buying some. They all smelled so good therefore it was hard to choose but we went with Bourbon Bacon and Truffle & Mushroom. They were even wax sealed! Love them!


I decided to chop and freeze all onions we collected. The house was stinky for a while but now I don't have to cut an onion again for a year!


Sweet Man

Brett brought these home for me. He thanked me for being a good wife. What a sweetie!


Out with some family today. They found these movable hats in Bed Bath & Beyond. My hubby looks so cute!

Onion Gleaning

We have some family that owns tons of farm land. They let us glean the fields after it has been harvested. That is where we got all the corn earlier this year and now onions.


Apple Pie

I decided I should try some of the apple pie filling that I canned for Christmas present this year. I don't want to give away something that taste horrible. I don't like apple pie but it wasn't bad.

Camp Robber

My wonderful hubby took me out for lunch at a wonderful local restaurant. I had the eggplant sandwich and I think he had the brisket enchiladas. Very yummy!

Trunk-or-Treat 2013

At my church we have a trunk-or-treat for the kids. We decorate our trunks and pass out candy. This year I made a bean bag toss of Jonah and the Whale. I even sewed Jonah and the fish.

I just had to share another trunk made up of family and friends. They look great!

Halloween 2013

We went to a little party and I was a deer and Brett was the hunter.