Baby Shower Gift Idea

This weekend, my friend had her baby shower. I wanted to do something cute with the gift so I did some research for inspiration. I found how to turn baby washcloths into lollypops.

I rolled them diagonally to give me more to work with in the next steps.

I stacked them offset and with the outer washcloth on the bottom.

I rolled the top washcloth once before I started to roll the outer cloth into the spiral.

I just taped the washcloth to itself to hold it then added a popsicle stick.

I finished the lollypops with cellophane bags and ribbon.

I loved this box to hold the lollypops but it did seem a little girly for a baby boy. So, I painted it.

I added a candy name tag and ta-da.


  1. I love your projects, and I love you!!!


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