More Soap

I have posted about homemade laundry soap before, but this time I made powder instead of liquid.

*First, I grated one bar of Fels Naptha.

*Then, I blended the grated Fels Naptha as small as I could.

*Added one cup of Borax.

*Added one cup of Washing Soda.

VoilĂ ! That easy!

Catching Up

I am so sorry to all those who read my blog for not keeping up with my posts. I decided this year to start every day with reading the bible and exercising instead of blogging. At the end of the day, if I had any time left over, I would try to write a post. However, I just did not expect this year to be so busy. First, Brett and I decided to go to Italy, which is very exciting. We were planing every detail. I even started learning Italian. Then ,out of the blue, we found our dream home. Everything has been working out so perfectly with it, but now we may not be going to Italy.
Next week, we leave for a ten day trip in Arkansas. Brett has only been in my home town for 48 hours. I can't wait for him to really see where I grew up. We will be returning for both of our birthdays, kittens being born, and the closing of our house. This year has been so wonderful in every way, it just hasn't worked out for me to blog as much. I really hope to blog again with any time I have to spare.